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Bahrain Charities

The following is a list of Bahraini Charities.


    Breast Cancer is not race, religion, gender or class specific. Through research, education, early intervention and public awareness we aim to aid in the fight against this disease.
  • Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties

    The mission of the Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties is to promote lifelong access and opportunity for all individuals with the behavioral and communication difficulties, and their families, to be fully participating, included members of their community. Education, active public awareness and the promotion of research form the cornerstones of the society’s efforts to carry forth its mission.
  • Alia for early intervention

    Alia For Early Intervention in association with Applied behavior consultants Inc., from the United States. Our Center is designed to meet the individual needs of children who are diagnosed with behavioral and communication difficulties ;between the ages of 2 and 13 years of age. Classrooms currently provide 1:1 teacher to student ratio for students. Intensive Behavioral Treatment (IBT) is provided within a language-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) educational environment where teaching is highly structured for acquisition of skills.


Down Syndrome Care Centre +973 1782 5300
Busaiteen Charity Fund +973 1733 4774
Budaiya Charity Fund +973 1769 3830
Bani Jamrah Charity Fund +973 1769 7444
Bahrain Red Crescent Society +973 1729 3171
Arad Charity Work Fund +973 1746 6273
Al Shakhoora Charity Fund +973 1759 5093
Al Qadam Charity Fund +973 1759 3095
Al Hilla Charity Fund +973 1759 2229
Al Hajar Charity Fund +973 1759 1762
Al Daih Cahrity Fund+973 1755 2020
Aali Charity Fund +973 1764 5188
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